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Summer Job Transforms Faith & Future

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

As Summer Ministry Team member Scott Johnson was walking along the freshly chipped trails after worship one summer day in 1994 with former Executive Director Roger Sasse, Roger posed a question that would change Scott’s life.

“Scott, have you ever thought about going into ordained ministry?” Roger asked.

“To that point, I really hadn’t. But after he asked me that question, I started thinking about it… and then I discovered I couldn’t stop thinking about it,” Scott recalls. He graduated from seminary in 2003 and currently serves at St. Petri Lutheran Church in Story City, Iowa.

Whether or not they feel God calling them into full-time, professional ministry, all Summer Ministry Team members have an experience that impacts their faith. We are grateful for the 73 young adults who served as role models for campers in 2018, helping them grow their confidence and independence while developing life-long friendships in a safe, loving, and faith-filled community.

This story is featured in our 2018 Gratitude Report. Click here to read the full report.

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