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Making Summer Camp Magic Happen Behind the Scenes

Summer camp is an awesome time for many young people. They are excited to swim, hike, study the Bible, receive a new camp t-shirt, make new friends, and do crafts.

With all of these activities, there are many things we must do to prepare and get ready, and that is where we count on our volunteers. We have many volunteers that come in to help.

“It’s fun and rewarding, and the atmosphere is positive and happy,” Candy Blecha said. “The summer staff members knew I brought cookies to share every week when I delivered

their campers’ t-shirts, so they were always excited to see me.”

Candy came one day every week this past summer to help prepare projects for us for

camp. She counted, folded, and delivered camper t-shirts for staff to hand out on Fridays; gathered, measured, and cut supplies for arts & crafts projects; and helped prepare for the Quilt Auction by folding quilts and doing a bit of data entry.

“We love camping at the Family Campground on the weekends,” Candy continued. “When we learned we could help out to improve a place that’s already fantastic, we jumped at the chance to volunteer.”

“Marvin (Candy’s husband) loved the days he got to come with me to help the mowing team, too,” she added.

Candy and Marvin weren’t the only summer camp volunteers; it takes MANY to make camp possible!

We had several volunteers this past summer prepare paint, clean brushes, clean off the cross to be dazzled with jewels, prepare project kits for campers to work on, and then there is always the clean up after service projects are done.

Volunteers for all of these projects are crucial in order for our summer camp to run smoothly. We are incredibly thankful for each and every gift of time.

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