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Club 10:14 is our heritage society and it is made up of caring people who are helping us fulfill our mission by remembering NLOM in their estate plans. The name Club 10:14 come from Mark 10:14 where Jesus says, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.”

NLOM is a partner of Lutheran Planned Giving Services of Nebraska. They provide free and confidential estate planning advice that is focused on your goals for your loved ones in addition to your charitable plans. Check them out at or contact them at 402-342-5728.

Are you WILLing? As a Christian, you are the caretaker of the unique God-given gift of life. You have rejoiced in your talents by being a lifelong steward. The distribution of your estate is the last witness of your faith. You can continue your Christian stewardship by providing for the work of the church long after your life ends. Your will and various life income agreements are just a few ways that you could include Nebraska Lutheran Outdoor Ministries in your estate planning.

Your Will
Charitable Gift Annuity
Pooled Income Fund
Charitable Remainder Trust

To include NLOM in your estate, our organization name is Nebraska Lutheran Outdoor Ministries, Inc. and our EIN is #47-0488319.

For more information about stewardship in your estate planning, contact Jason Gerdes, Director of Development, at 402-944-2544.

Information and free planning services are also available from Lutheran Planned Giving Services at


    The most common planned gift is a bequest through your will or trust. Bequests can include a specific amount or piece of property, a percent of your estate, the residual of your estate or a contingency (if the donor outlives the heir).


    One of the most tax efficient charitable gifts is a remainder from your retirement account as your charity is not required to pay taxes on the remainder as your heirs would. You can also include your charity on beneficiary designations for life insurance, annuities & brokerage accounts.


    A gift that provides a fixed annuity payment for one or two lives with the remainder to charity. Annuity rates range from 4.7% for a 65 year old individual to 9% for an individual who is 90 or older.


    A gift that pays out a fixed rate or fixed amount over your lifetime and additionally to heirs at your death if desired, with the remainder going to your charity(ies). A Charitable Trust may increase current income, bypass capital gains taxes and provide an income tax deduction.


    A gift that pays an income stream to your charity(its) for a period of years then passes a large asset, at a reduced tax consequence, to your heirs.


    Certain property, or a portion, can be given to charity allowing you to reduce or avoid capital gains taxes, receive a current tax deduction and provide much needed funding for those in need.

Club 10:14 planned giving club

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