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Remembering Pr. Roger Sasse

NLOM has lost a legend. Pastor Roger Sasse passed away on January 5, 2024. Click here to read his full obituary.

Roger arrived at Nebraska Lutheran Outdoor Ministries in 1988 after serving as a campus pastor in Kearney, Indiana, and Lincoln. He interviewed for the position of Executive Director for NLOM at the request of Bishop Dennis Anderson of the Nebraska Synod, ELCA. As the story goes, Roger was very happy at the Lutheran Center at UNL and wasn’t interested in giving up his beloved role in working with students or his Husker Football tickets.

Out of respect for Bishop Anderson, Roger interviewed for the position, but he did everything he could to not get the job. He told the Board of Directors all of the things that he thought needed to be improved with the camp and the Board agreed. God intervened and Roger was offered and accepted the position of Executive Director, a role he held for the next 20 years. Roger was accompanied in ministry at NLOM with his wife, Jan the laundry queen, and many of their children and relatives.

Roger had the God-given gift to get people excited. He cast a vision for what NLOM could become and, along with the seven other staff members he started with and many others to follow, NLOM grew in incredible ways. New buildings were built, programs created, staff members added, and leaders and friends raised. The biggest legacy that Roger leaves in connection to NLOM are the ways he impacted the lives of the people he connected with. Roger welcomed people in such a special way and he shared his excitement for faith in God in ways that left others eager to join his passion.

We are thankful that God brought Roger to NLOM and for a life well lived. Well done, good and faithful servant!

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