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Joy Through Volunteer Eyes

Serving the Lord by volunteering is a true joy and the love of many people.

“I love to come out to camp and serve. It’s like a whole different world out here,” Roger Knight shared. “I feel very welcomed by all the great staff members and very appreciated, too.” For the past 11 years, Roger has shared his time and talents mowing and helping with general maintenance at Carol Joy Holling Camp.

There are many opportunities to volunteer through Nebraska Lutheran Outdoor Ministries at both of our locations, Sullivan Hills Camp and Carol Joy Holling Camp, Conference & Retreat Center.

Mowing and maintenance—where Roger volunteers—is an ongoing need, as well as helping with mailings, welcoming guests, housekeeping, event work, cooking, and much more.

We probably should warn you—once you join our team of volunteers, you may be hooked! Roger said that definitely happened to him, “Dave Coker encouraged me to come see the camp, then volunteer, and now I love this place.”

If you feel led to volunteer your time and talents at Sullivan Hills Camp or Carol Joy Holling Camp, Conference & Retreat Center, contact Lisa Stirtz, volunteer coordinator at or 402-944-2544, and she’ll get you connected.

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