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STEP OUT of the Office & INTO the Outdoors

Working at camp can be the most rewarding 10 weeks of your life. It’s not easy, but it’s a ton of fun!

“I loved working at camp,” Rosey Higgs professed. “I loved being outdoors all summer, but what kept me coming back to camp year after year were the relationships I made with other summer staff members.”

Rosey worked on the Summer Ministry Team for five summers—1991 through 1995—and she credits the friendships she made year over year for the longevity of her tenure.

“There’s so much growth that happens at camp,” she shared. “Even if you don’t know each other that well, you grow close because you’ve been through this thing together—you’ve grown together, so to speak.”

The Summer Ministry Team is crucial to achieving our mission, Faith: Alive!

Summer staff members not only build relationships with one another, but also make meaningful connections with our campers and create memories for them that last a lifetime.

“At camp you learn how to work with other people,“ she continued. “Whatever your differences are, you learn to work with people and build a strong relationship with them really, really quickly. And that is a universal skill that will translate to any occupation. Anybody that works with people is going to build those skills at camp.”

We are looking for young leaders who have strengths in communication, hospitality, and teamwork.

Members of the Summer Ministry Team obtain skills that are transferable to multiple careers, gain a supportive community and network, and make a real difference to the youth and families that they serve at camp.

Rosey uses many of the skills she developed during her time on the Summer Ministry Team in her role as Director of Programs at the Nonprofit Association of the Midlands.

“Camp gave me the confidence to lead groups—task forces, boards of directors—and grew my confidence in public speaking. It also showed me how to bring a sense of fun to anything. If you can make doing dishes fun for a teenager, you can do pretty much anything!”

Working at camp is super fun!

“Camp is the place where I first really learned to believe in myself and my own skillset, and built the confidence to bring my unique skillset to whatever situation I was in,” Rosey admits.

In addition to building skills that are transferable to future careers, Summer Ministry Team members can also gain credits for any college internships that are required for their degree or that they wish to pursue.

“I think everybody needs to work at camp at least once because camp is an experience that is unlike any other experience you’re going to get anywhere.”

If you know someone who would be a great fit for our Summer Ministry Team, please nominate them at

Referrals are our best way of finding amazing candidates who are passionate about working with youth. So, we thank you in advance for sending exceptional young leaders our way!

Additional information and position descriptions can be found at

Contact Jacqueline Goering, Summer Camp Director, at or 402-944-2544 with any questions.

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