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Leaving a Legacy of Faith and Love

When thinking about their legacy, the Akerson family drew on their faith and what has brought them joy as a family; the choice was easy—Nebraska Lutheran Outdoor Ministries.

Jeff and Tanny Akerson and their family have always deeply loved NLOM and their experiences at Carol Joy Holling and Sullivan Hills Camps.

Their children, Amy and Adam, were among the first campers at Sullivan Hills Camp. Amy became a Summer Ministry Team member and eventually NLOM’s year-round Volunteer Coordinator. Now Jeff and Tanny’s grandchildren attend camp.

Seeing firsthand the impact attending camp had on their children and grandchildren, Jeff and Tanny have long had a vision of a world where all youth can participate in camp, grow in their faith, and become stronger leaders in the church and community.

This vision, coupled with the experiences Sullivan Hills and Carol Joy Holling Camps have provided the entire family, offering a legacy gift to NLOM an easy decision.

“We think camp is important for all children, especially those not brought up in an environment where they learn about a God who loves them,” Tanny said. “Camp is where they can experience God’s unconditional love, and their faith can come alive in personal and profound ways. By including NLOM in our estate plan, we pray for an impact on the lives of future generations of children who need desperately to know God’s love.”

Because of their legacy gift, Jeff and Tanny are a part of Club 10:14, NLOM’s heritage society. Club 10:14 includes caring, faith-filled individuals from across the country helping NLOM fulfill its mission and ministry.

The name Club 10:14 comes from Mark 10:14, where Jesus says, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the Kingdom of God belongs to such as these.”

Dave Coker, NLOM Special Gifts Officer and former Executive Director, and his wife Karen are also part of Club 10:14.

“Being a place where faith comes alive for camp, conference, and retreat guests is a special joy for us and our mission,” Dave shared. “It is a blessing for us to continue spreading God’s love for many years.”

Designating a legacy gift to NLOM is much more than leaving a financial contribution; it is ensuring that others can strengthen their faith; experience hope and joy, and enjoy nature in a new and beautiful way for generations to come.

Your gift is indeed helping faith come alive. Tanny said it best when discussing their legacy gift and the far-reaching impact of supporting NLOM, “If you want to give money to your kids, then give it to NLOM. It is for your kids, your grandkids, and everyone’s kids.”

For more information, Contact Dave Coker at or 402-944-2544.

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