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HORSE BOARDING: An Extraordinary Volunteer Experience

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

Lynn Welhelm of Syracuse, Neb. has been boarding horses for Nebraska Lutheran Outdoor Ministries for 14 years. She loves to have the horse at her place to love on them from August to May, when they return to camp. Lynn’s love for horses started when she was young, and her love continues. She has one horse of her own.

For the past eight years, Missy, a 20-year-old grey quarter horse, has spent the off-season at Lynn’s home. Lynn tells us Missy loves their daily two- to four-mile rides. Missy is very kid-friendly; she loves to have kids ride her, pet her, and feed her.

At Lynn’s home, she’s incredibly lucky to have many young friends that come to visit her. Lynn has several groups of children that come out to her place to learn about horses and how to ride them. It is a great way for Missy to continue to work with camp-aged children year-round.

You can board camp horses during the off-season,too! Horse boarding volunteers provide care, feed, shelter, and grooming for a Carol Joy Holling Camp horse. Homes typically board one or two horses.

Your family is able to ride, care for, and get priceless experience working with a horse during the school year. NLOM agrees to provide instructions for feed, care, and equipment needs

for your assigned horse(s). We also send along tack for each horse.

If you have a love for horses, and would like to board a horse, contact Lisa Stirtz, Volunteer Coordinator at or 402-944-2544.

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