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THE FIRST 90 DAYS:A Chat with NLOM's New Executive Director

As Jason Gerdes begins his new role as Executive Director of NLOM, we sat down to talk about his plans:

QUESTION: When the U.S. President starts in their new role, so much attention is paid to the first 100 days. While we know you aren’t the President, we are curious – what do you hope to accomplish in your first 100 days?

Jason: Even though I’ve been around for a while, I’ve got a lot to learn in this new role. I am thankful for the trust and grace that I have been given by the Board of Directors, staff and friends of camp to make this transition.

My biggest 100 day goal is to complete a stewardship assessment of all we are entrusted with: our properties, people and other resources.

  • Properties – We have completed walkthroughs of all of our properties and buildings and we are putting plans in place to maintain these things at the highest level.

  • People - I’ve always known that NLOM has an incredible staff, but this new role has given me a greater appreciation for what each employee does and how they live out their faith by serving others. We are working to care for our current staff while attracting new people who fit our culture to fill open positions.

  • Resources – It’s budgeting season, so we are in the midst of planning for 2019. This leads us into discussion for all kinds of ministry opportunities that lie ahead and also makes us pause to be thankful for the many people that make our ministry possible.

  • Thanks to some incredibly generous donors, we will get to announce some game-changing news for both Carol Joy Holling and Sullivan Hills campers in my first 100 days. By God’s grace, NLOM continues to grow to serve even more people.

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