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New this Summer: Leadership Camp

New this Summer: Leadership Camp

Come join us at Carol Joy Holling Camp for our first-ever high school leadership program—Leadership Camp!

Leadership Camp is designed to teach and train participants to be future leaders of camp and of their community. Campers will be referred to as “Leaders in Training.”

It’s a comprehensive three-week experience where Leaders in Training learn valuable skills in not only leadership, but also problem-solving, communication, safety, character development, program facilitation, and relationship building.

Week one of the program, or “training week,” will offer Leaders in Training a comprehensive curriculum of leadership education as well as learning all about what it’s like to work at camp.

During training week, Leaders in Training stay in platform tents at the Whispering Winds campsite. They will undergo a mini summer staff training—learning what it takes to work as a team, develop confidence, and understand the inner workings of camp.

For weeks two and three of the program, or “practicum”, Leaders in Training are paired with experienced camp counselors. They’ll learn what it’s like to lead a village through observation, practice, and continued coaching from NLOM staff.

During work weeks, Leaders in Training stay with a bunk group of elementary-aged campers and a summer staff member.

Leaders in Training must commit to all three weeks of this program to participate in Leadership Camp. Weeks do not need to be completed consecutively, but participants must complete the training week prior to their work weeks.

Leaders in Training must apply and be accepted to the program to attend Leadership Camp.

To learn more or to apply, visit

Please contact Jacqueline Goering, Summer Camp Director, at or 402-944-2544 for more information or with any questions.

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