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Making a Difference Through Service

“It’s your service to others that matters,” Ted Swartzbaugh proclaimed. “It’s not all the stuff you have. It’s how you make a difference in life.”

For the past six years, Ted and Joyce Swartzbaugh have spent their summers serving at Carol Joy Holling Camp. They first served as part of the Mission Builders team that constructed Monke Lodge in 2016, and they’ve been back every summer since.

“I love being outdoors and being helpful,” Joyce chimed in. The colorful, beautifully weeded flower beds are just part of her contribution to camp each summer.

“Seeing accomplishment every day, fellowship with fun people, and building community,” Ted added as a few of the best things about their experiences at Carol Joy Holling Camp.

The Swartzbaughs have lived, worked, and played all across the United States. They love to travel; they love sharing their skills and talents; and they love serving. And NLOM is blessed to benefit from their generosity.

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