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Legacy Giving is About More Than Just Money

For many people, end of life giving is about leaving that last gift and knowing that your life mattered and you made a difference. It’s a beautiful experience for families left behind see that their loved one cared deeply for others and wanted to make sure they were cared for beyond their lifetime.

But, it’s more than just about the gift itself. It can be a lasting lesson. For Robert Branson, a young father, it’s about teaching your children that you can make a difference now and into the future. Branson’s children went to Carol Joy Holling Camp as campers, and Branson decided he wanted to make a gift to ensure more campers could attend. “I wanted to make a substantial gift, but like many other parents of young children, we didn’t have the assets to do so,” said Branson. “So we decided that we would leverage a life insurance policy to make our donation more substatial. We included both the camp and our church in our will.”

“Richard Branson is giving more than a wonderful gift to camp and his church, he is teaching his children a life-long lesson about serving others, being good stewards of what God has given us and generosity,” said Jason Gerdes, Director of Development.

Branson added, “We felt what the camp offered our children, and many of their friends, was a very positive growth experience, and we knew we needed to do our part to make sure that continues!”

To learn more about charitable giving, contact Jason Gerdes at 402-944-2544.

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