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It’s double the fun with TWO Camp Classics!

The Kearney Camp Classic was held at Meadowlark Hills on August 18, with 56 golfers. On September 22, 136 golfers joined us at the Ashland Golf Club for the Carol Joy Holling Camp Classic.

These golf outings included fun games and competitions in addition to the 18-hole scramble.

Golfers enjoyed delicious Hy-Vee packed lunches at the start of the events, then connected with old and new friends after their round. Golfers were treated to dinner after the outing while they awaited the results of the tournament and raffle drawings.

Fun and games aside, we raised more than $88,000 to support summer camping programs at Carol Joy Holling and Sullivan Hills Camps. These funds are essential to the NLOM experience of living out faith in ways that show everyone they belong and are unconditionally loved by God.

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