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Finding Faith with New Friends

5,394 sno kones.

There are many ways to count our blessings when it comes to the summer

of 2022. One of them is serving 5,394

sno kones.

Of course, camp is so much more than

sno kones and s’mores. (We served 1,663 s’mores, by the way). For us, camp is about helping faith become real, tangible, and personal for each and every camper and Summer Ministry Team member.

In 1 Thessalonians 5:11, Paul wrote,

“Encourage one another with the hope you have. Build each other up.”

Andrea Johnson shared that her son Cade felt that encouragement as a first-time camper this summer. “He was scared during the high ropes but thought it was great learning how to work through that fear to help others who were even more afraid than he was,” Andrea said.

It wasn’t just the high ropes. “He thought the worship was geared to them as kids and made it feel more heartfelt,” Andrea continued. “It made him view worshipping God in a more personal way, and I think it helped him grow tremendously in his faith.”

Kristin Palmer agreed. She said her daughters Ember & Lily appreciated “the time being outdoors, unplugged, and being with friends and God. Learning God’s word and singing praise songs all week was a definite highlight for them!”

While evangelism can be difficult for adults, it comes more naturally to campers. For many of us the thought of inviting a friend to church starts our heart racing!

Inviting a friend to Sullivan Hills or Carol Joy Holling Camps is something most of our campers do. This year, 45 of our first-time campers said they were invited by a friend.

Elizabeth was one of those campers. Her mom, Jennifer Fox, shared, “We are not very religious, but I knew the good message would be appropriate and focused on God’s love. This was exactly the case!”

Camp offers significant experiences that provide a safe, welcoming introduction to the Christian faith for those who don’t yet know the personal, boundless love of Jesus Christ, and to increase the relevance of faith in the daily life of those who do.

Thank you for making this experience possible. We are thankful for you.

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