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Every Child Deserves a Week at Camp

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

Today’s world can be divisive and harsh. There ought to be a better way to live--a way that seeks first to love others, then ourselves.

Carol Joy Holling Camp is a place that sparks a new way of living with God’s love for many campers and families. “It’s extraordinary what a week at camp can do to shape a young person’s life,” Korey Breutzmann, NLOM Director of Programs said. “Through new challenges, incredible role models, good food, acceptance, and love, campers come for a week of fun, but leave with their hearts open to the world in a different way.”

While programs and people are in place to make transformations like this possible, success isn’t always the same for each camper. For some, it shows up as a simple act of kindness to a sibling. For other campers, it means they raise their hand to help at VBS or in the kitchen at church. For others still, it places on their hearts a call to minister in a professional capacity. Whatever the results, camp sparks a chain reaction amongst campers that makes the world a little brighter, a little more loving, and a little more hopeful.

At Carol Joy Holling Camp, it is important that we provide facilities and programs that are safe, comfortable, and affordable. In order to continue to make this possible, we are embarking on a new campaign to rebuild the main building at the TrailHead site.

The new facility will offer indoor housing, along with fully accessible bathrooms and dining area. In addition to the reimagined TrailHead site, the campaign includes two endowment funds. The first fund will keep camp affordable. The second fund will support scholarships for counselors who feel called into professional ministry.

“By supporting seminary students, we are encouraging the chain reaction that starts with a week at camp,” Jason Gerdes, NLOM Executive Director emphasized. “We don’t just provide a week at camp. We take seriously our role in supporting the whole church.”

So far, generous donors have stepped up to help raise $3.2 million of the $5.3 million goal. While we are currently on track to break ground next fall, we need additional support to ensure the new TrailHead building is finished and ready for campers by June 6, 2021--the first day of the 2021 summer camp session.

Visit to learn more about the TrailHead: Shaping Faithful Leaders campaign.

“We invite you to take a look at what is happening here at Carol Joy Holling Camp and get involved,” Gerdes continued. “Your generosity will ensure that our facilities and programs provide the most impact in raising up the next generation of faith-filled leaders.”

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