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Empowering Faithful Leaders

We are establishing a Seminary Scholarship Endowment Fund to empower faith leaders like Pr. Scott Johnson. Scott attended CJH Camp as a child and served as a counselor during his summer breaks away from college. With the encouragement from those who recognized his many gifts, Scott decided to become a pastor. A major factor that made his decision difficult was the high cost of going to seminary. Fortunately, Scott followed God's call despite the financial concerns and has been a pastor for nearly 17 years.

Each year, Summer Ministry Team members just like Pr. Scott have a life-changing experience and often feel compelled to enter full-time ministry. Because of undergraduate debt and seminary costs, these talented leaders might ignore the call due to the financial burden. Will you help impact these faithful leaders?

You can support the Seminary Scholarship Endowment Fund on May 22 through Omaha Gives! by giving online at After May 22, contact Brianne at or 402-944-2544.

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