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A Summer of Growth

This past summer, 35 college-aged leaders served on the NLOM Summer Ministry Team. This “small but mighty” group grew in ways no one had envisioned.

“I can’t even describe how much camp has impacted my faith and my life,” Dalton Lunkwitz, a Village Leader shared after week 7. “Being around the campers all day, getting to have fun with them and help them build their faith has built mine to another extent.”

They stepped up in every aspect of leadership imaginable—as the team was short-staffed by nearly half of a typical summer staff. They were an amazing team of young leaders.

“I will definitely take with me the desire to keep helping people and the desire to show them God’s love through not only my words, but also my actions,” Lifeguard Anna Stednitz added.

To increase Summer Ministry Team recruitment and retention, and remain competitive in the current job market, NLOM is dramatically increasing summer staff salaries by at least $1,000 per person.

Pastor Harold & Caroline Rice, The Rogers Foundation, and The Hawks Family Funds are partnering with us—by joining together to provide a $200,000 challenge match. Therefore, every new or increased Fire Starters Sustained Giving Club gift designated to the Summer Ministry Team will be tripled!

This includes gifts that are made monthly, quarterly, or annually. Start your gift today at or contact Kristin Herrera at or 402-944-2544.

If there’s a faith-filled young adult in your life that would make a great Summer Ministry team member in 2022, invite them to apply! Position descriptions, full summer schedule, and application instructions are available at

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