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A Camp Calling: Roger Maxon’s Career at NLOM

Updated: Dec 15, 2023

Thirty-eight years ago, Roger and Terri Maxon listened as their pastor read a job description in church. It was a posting for Nebraska Lutheran Outdoor Ministries, and it outlined Roger’s professional experience as if it were written specifically for him. Roger and Terri weren’t the only ones who recognized this. After prayer and discussion, Roger applied and interviewed only to be disappointed a month later when he learned that he had been passed over for the opportunity.

It turns out that God’s plan was a little more complicated. Roger’s faith journey was just starting to evolve; he was finding more opportunities to serve and spending more time with other faithful people, including local pastors.

Imagine his surprise when the opportunity at NLOM opened again two years later and Roger discovered that Pastor Mark Morgenstern had joined the team. Roger had met Mark when serving together on a Hunger Coordinator Trip. As things started to fall into place, including finishing up multiple construction projects and contracts, Roger and Terri moved their family to Carol Joy Holling Camp mid-summer.

At camp, Roger and Terri raised their three children, Eva, Nate, and Leah. The Maxon kids ate, played, learned with the campers, and treated the counselors like family. As they grew, they took on different roles at camp. At various times through the last 36 years, the whole Maxon family served at camp in some capacity.

Roger’s role at NLOM made use of all of his previous experience and education. From automotive mechanics to natural resources and wildlife management and all the maintenance and construction in between, Roger’s handiwork can be seen on all 320 acres and in every structure at Carol Joy Holling Camp, as well as many places at Sullivan Hills Camp.

Roger’s impact at camp stretches far beyond the inanimate objects. His leadership of the Buildings and Grounds team, mentorship of Summer Ministry Team members, relationship with volunteers and donors, and vision for renovations and new construction and how they can shape and grow the ministry have created long-lasting opportunities for staff, volunteers, campers, and guests to live out their faith in these sacred spaces.

As Roger prepares for the next step on his journey, we thank him for his commitment to serve here at Nebraska Lutheran Outdoor Ministries. We hope that he can look back at the place and the people and see the impact he’s had. We know that God has more in store for him.

We will be celebrating Roger! Join us for his retirement party open house between 2 and 4 p.m. on January 14, 2024 at the Sjogren Center at Carol Joy Holling Conference & Retreat Center.

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