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Some 40 years ago, with the dream that a summer youth camp would be developed, George and Irene Holling gave the Lutheran church’s Nebraska Synod 320 acres of rolling hills near Ashland, NE. The Holling's wished to memorialize their daughter, Carol Joy, who had died in a tragic accident at the very young age of 18. It was the family’s dream that kids could come to this special place and learn of God’s amazing love for them. 

Faithfully forward campaign

The results of the faithful development of Carol Joy Holling Camp can be seen in the lives that have been touched and forever changed through this very special place set apart. In addition to the friendships begun and relationships built, people who have come to CJH as campers, staffers, volunteers and guests now serve in and live out their baptismal callings in communities all around the world. 

Now exciting new opportunities to build on the Holling’s dream and to strengthen this vital camping and retreat ministry lie ahead. It is our prayer that you will accept our invitation to partner with us as, with God’s help, we step out and move…Faithfully Forward!

Monke Lodge at the Springs

Monke Lodge, named after the lead donor, Helen Monke is the new air-conditioned building featuring multi-purpose breakout rooms that support camp activities, as well as retreat/conference groups, and that will include accessible restrooms and lodging.  The new building gives guests a positive first impression of The Springs site and offers convenient access from the adjacent housing.  

The Springs Lodge - $740,000

Monke Lodge
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Living Water Retreat house at the Springs

The new Living Water Retreat House at The Springs encourages summer use by confirmation camp pastors and church leaders, and year-round use by small groups.  The building features 12 sleeping rooms, restrooms and showers, meeting space and a kitchenette.  The Living Water Retreat House enables confirmation leaders to be in proximity to their campers and to develop relationships with other church leaders. It also provides excellent lodging for spiritual retreats, as well as for small groups and volunteers.  

The Springs Retreat House - $350,000

Living Water Retreat House

Family Campground Pavilion

By improving its Family Campground facilities, NLOM will create an attractive venue for campground guests, congregational gatherings and large group events. A new pavilion at the Family Campground will offer gathering space for 100 people, a food serving area with electricity and water, restrooms and showers, and a storm shelter. It will support future summer programming and will attract new guest groups that will triple current income from this site.  It gives NLOM the opportunity to build stronger connections to congregations as it better serves their needs.

Family Campground Pavilion - $295,000

Family Campground Pavilion

sjogren picnic pavilion

NLOM will create a unique outdoor dining space adjacent to the Sjogren Center’s Dining Hall. It will offer convenient outdoor dining and meeting space for Ranch Camp, while also supporting the meeting and dining needs of retreat and conference guests. This new space will also support large outdoor gatherings. In addition, the Sjogren Center’s septic system will be updated and improved to keep pace with the additional retreat and conference guests who are being served now and in the future. 

Sjogren Center Picnic Pavilion & Improvements - $120,000

Sjogren Pavilion

Swanson center improvements

The Swanson Center, which opened in 2005, has significantly expanded NLOM’s ability to serve guest groups desiring the highest level of accommodation. Increased usage requires that NLOM refresh and refurbish high traffic areas to ensure an exceptional experience for all guests. Improvements include replacing carpet in the lower conference rooms, hallways and stairs; painting; purchasing new bedding; updating furniture in public spaces; and acquiring new equipment. 

Swanson Center Improvements - $140,000

Swanson Improvements

Vehicles & Maintenance

NLOM relies on an aging fleet of vehicles to maintain its wonderful properties and to support its varied programs offered at Carol Joy Holling Center and beyond. In order to increase safety and reduce maintenance expense, NLOM replaced three Day Camp vans and three Buildings and Grounds pickup trucks. A 15-passenger van to support its Trip Camping program was also purchased.


Vehicles - $125,000


Added facilities, usage and guests mean more maintanence needs. In order to provide adequate upkeep and care for all of Carol Joy Holling Center facilities and grounds, NLOM will provide for increased staffing and on-site equipment.

Maintenance - $175,000

Vehicles & Maintenance

docks & trails

Crystal Springs Lake is one of Carol Joy Holling Center’s natural centerpieces. It beckons campers and retreat and conference guests to refresh and renew their body, mind and spirit in the beauty of God’s creation. NLOM’s vision is to have an accessible trail circling Crystal Springs Lake to allow more people of all abilities to experience our great outdoor sanctuary. In addition, NLOM repaired and rebuilt the permanent docking on the north side of the lake to ensure that summer campers and people with special needs are able to safely engage in water-based activities.

Docks & Trails - $50,000

Docks & Trails

campaign budget

The Springs Area

The Springs Lodge.                                    $740,000

The Springs Retreat House                        $350,000

             Total                                             $1,090,000


Gathering Areas

Family Campground Pavilion/Shelter.      $295,000

Sjogren Center Picnic Pavilion & Improvements          


            Total                                                 $415,000

Maintenance & Upgrades

Swanson Center Improvements.               $140,000

Vehicles                                                        $125,000

Maintenance Staff & Equipment               $175,000

Docks & Trails                                                $50,000

       Total                                                      $490,000


Campaign Total                                  $1,995,000


To recover the fundraising expenses for the campaign, NLOM will retain 10% from all donations received. An additional 5% of donations received will be placed in a designated fund for capital repairs and improvements.These measures will help address NLOM’s immediate funding needs and help provide for the long-term care of its facilities and property.

To make a gift or pledge to this campaign, contact Jason Gerdes at or call 402-944-2544.

Budget & Revenues
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